This year, don't settle for a string of dollar-store beads and call it done. Bead Busters and Float Rentals helps you celebrate Mardi Gras to the full extent. We have everything you can think of for partying through a parade or celebrating in the street.

Interested in traditional Mardi Gras costumes? You can find those at our store, too. Shop for your size so you can show off your style during the celebrations. We have:

  • Specialty beads
  • Trinkets
  • Plush toys
  • LED items
  • Shirts
Visit the store today so you can pick up some beads and novelties.

Teach your children about Mardi Gras in a fun way

Teach your children about Mardi Gras in a fun way

We sell picture books about Mardi Gras written by Leif Nedland Pedersen. He created The Adventures of The Swamp Kids, a children's book series about friendship, creativity and Cajun culture.

In "The Adventures of The Swamp Kids: Pierre's Pirogue Parade," the gang celebrates Mardi Gras. Your children can learn about these fun and unique traditions. You'll even be able to grab a signed copy for just $16.95.

Call 337-857-5552 now to learn more about the children's books we have in stock.