Whatever Floats Your Float

Join the parade with a rental float and all the trappings

This year, do Mardi Gras right. Bead Busters and Float Rentals supplies you with everything you need to have a memorable time at Mardi Gras. Stock your float with colorful beads and delicious Kween Cakes to toss to people in the crowd. Your float is sure to be a hit.

Our owner's reputation as the Bead King is well-known throughout the area. Our biggest priority is making sure you have fun. We want to support local businesses in our community. We see you working hard, and we want to make sure other people see you, too. Every now and then we give a shout-out to businesses that are Bead King-approved.

Come to the store today to take a look at the throws we sell.

Congratulate your krewe by throwing a raucous party

Congratulate your krewe by throwing a raucous party

We'll throw a party for your krewe. Come to the store and shop for stuff to stock your float. We have plenty of:

  • Specialty colored beads
  • LED light-up novelties
  • Plush toys and stuffed animals
  • Kween Cakes
  • Traditional costumes

You and your krewe will get a 10% discount on everything. While you're shopping, we'll provide you with complimentary drinks so you can start partying right away. We'll also load up your float on parade day free of charge. Don't deal with the hassle of loading your float yourself. We'll give you the VIP treatment.

Call 337-857-5552 today to find out more about the krewe parties we make possible.

What makes us such a great shop for festive accessories?

When you walk in, you'll be blown away by the assortment of beads we offer. You can't get this kind of variety and color anywhere else. We've served the Youngsville, LA area for over five years, making sure everyone is properly attired for all the big parades and parties.

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